In the Spring of 2016 Charlie wanted to record an album with music producer Vic Steffens at Horizon Music Studio in West Haven Ct. Vic, who had just been awarded New England producer of the year, was also eager to work with Charlie.  They had known each other for years, but up until this point, they never worked together.  Their goal was to make a record based on American roots, music, and styles including blues, country, rock and roll, rhythm & blues, and gospel. This combination of talent and seasoned studio musicianship, led to Charlie’s latest solo release “Back To You” on Red Parlor Records (2019).  As it turned out, it would be his final studio project.

“Back To You” has 11 tracks. 9 original songs and 2 covers, one which is a gritty blues rendition of “I Want To Hold Your Hand” by the Beatles.
“I wish John Lennon could have heard this” Charlie said, when asked about this song, which is the 5th track on the record. The other cover is an interesting version of “That’s Life” written by Dean Kay and Kelly Gordon, the classic that Frank Sinatra made popular in the 1960s. This body of work is a collection of meaningful compositions that come from the heart, of which Charlie brings “Back to You” with style and grace. You can hear the sincerity in his voice, as he sings about desire, desertion, love, life, and all it’s pleasures, and struggles. 

Musicians used on this project: 

Carole Sylvan, Scott Spray, Bobby Torello, Mike Marble, Jay Gerbino, Christine Ohlman, Joe Meo, Rafe Klein, Vic Steffens, Ron Rifkin, Alice Karp, Bill Holloman, David Hull, Jimmie Smith, William Light.

Charlie Karp, Back To You, to be released June 7, 2019
on Red Parlor Records.

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Photo Credit © John Halpern / Red Parlor Records