Slo Leak
Slo Leak is the nearly decade long musical collaboration of Charlie Karp and Danny Kortchmar.  It combines a mix of blues, R&B, and funk with electronica. They produced three albums which are available on this page. 

"Raw, wry and rockin."
Don Henley

"Slo Leak is ultra contemporary, and at the same time, derives its emotional cadences and core architecture from traditional blues... Danny combines what has always been an overendowment of attitude with surprising observational prowess. The result is deeply grooving and wickedly funny. Damon Runyan meets Howlin' Wolf and together they go downtown to hear Mark Ronson spin at the Plum."
- Jackson Browne 

"Interesting samples from Pop Staples and Jimmy Liggins put the icing on this quirky little cake."
San Francisco Chronicle

"...stirs up a direct, back-to-the-roots sound..."

"For all its modern ways, this record...manages to capture the original spirit of the blues while, at the same time, charting its future course."
Peter Lindblad

"Slo Leak is not your average band...with super funky guitar work and Karp doing his best Howlin' Wolf impression, Karp sings like he eats lighbulbs for breakfast...with Karp and Kortchmar there is plenty of talent in the room..."
Living Blues

Photo Credit © John Halpern / Red Parlor Records